"With art I came to know my true self through my strengths and weaknesses. When I work I must be honest with my nature in order to be creative and original. I think that life is like a river flowing. Every time I wash my hands in this river I have different feelings due to ever changing motion of its waters. Every work I made is an expression of these feelings. I feel happy within myself when I acknowledge and accept the changing nature of my thought and feelings and witnessing the flow of my river of life."  Parvaneh Roudgar



Parvaneh Roudgar has had many exhibitions and has won many awards in Italy and internationally. Parvaneh brings over 23 years of sculpture experience to the studio, with teaching experience in Florence, Italy and Canada.          



Parvaneh Roudgar has moved to Canada since 1999 from Italy. She began her journey in art in 1986 at the Artistic Lyceum in Florence under the instructions of her Professor of sculpture Antonio Di Tommaso, and Professor of ceramics and world famous artist, Marcello Fantoni .She concluded her art studies at the univercita' Eta' libera of Florence. She specialized in ceramics at the Marcello Fantoni Ceramic School and in plaster and casting at the Art University of "Porta Romana" in Florence. She received her certificate in working with stone at the Art school of Porta Romana in Florence. She had many exhibitions and has been awarded by prizes in Italy and internationally.

In 2000, she was commissioned by the environmental Society of Iran a project to deign and create a model for an outdoor sculpture. The project has been reproduced in large number to be installed in retrofitted traditional homes and historical sites across the country.She was also commissioned in the same year by the mayor of Tehran (Iran) to create a trophy to reward various individual of a Group of environmental preservationists.

In 2009,her work Cosmos Flower was one of the winners of the outdoor sculpture competition for BCand Washington sculptures organize by the city of Anacortes,Washington.Cosmos Flower now sits in the city's library.