Where art can reduce itself to pose in a new form  



Separation   35.23.16 cm   painted terracotta

        Feminality    40.15.20 cm     Bronze

      Misplaced   65.25.22 cm     Bronze

      Three Birds     65.37.35 cm      Bronze

Ice Skating  40.12.15 cm   painted terracotta

Bird Kissing      31.19.21 cm      Bronze

      Intenzionalita     52.46.24 cm    Bronze

   Compassion     45.25.25 cm    painted terracotta

Flame     62.25.25cm      patinated terracotta


Birds Flying    65.45.43 cm     painted terracotta

         Cavallo   53.40.28 cm      Bronze

Vitalita Di Forma    15.25.20 cm     painted terracotta

Dancing Flame  32.53.40 cm   painted terracotta

     Expecting     26.10.19    glazed terracotta 

       Feminality     45.15.20 cm    Bronze

Dreaming of Bird      15.15.8 cm     patinated terracotta

 Monument   37.19.17 cm    glazed terracotta

Maternity     28.15.25 cm      Patinated terracotta


    Blast      25.15.13 cm      painted terracotta

Three Members    27.14.13 cm     painted terracotta

Parenthood   15.25.20 cm   painted terracotta

Migration     43.48.36 cm     painted terracotta

        Discord     28.40.30    glazed terracotta  

Scape  30.15.12 cm    painted terracotta

 Energy in Harmony     60.52.39 cm     bronze

     Complementarity    53.20.20 cm    bronze

         Maternity    54.77.34 cm     bronze

Missing        38.25.20 cm       Patinated terracotta