When it came to represent the Middle East women, the veil (or chador) was a strong historical and cultural element to consider for the artist. Through the movement and flow of the veil the work tries to depict the feelings and emotions of the women behind the chador.





Woman Figure     15.35.17 cm    painted terracotta

      Woman Figure    15.17.15 cm   bronze


Desperation    22.35.27 cm Bronze

Consumed in yourself, in oppression… what choice will yours be?

              War      15.35.17 cm     Bronze

Where am I going, where is the peaceful land my dear?

Grandmother 15.35.17 cm    bronze

She draped me in her happiness and dressed

me with her embracing love

Dammi lo specchio    15.17.15 cm   painted terracotta

Woman Figure     12.27.8 cm   painted terracotta

Mother with Child   23.43.23 cm    Bronze

She enwraps her child with love.She has thousands of silent birds in her voice.

 Bihind the Chador  20.22.25 cm    Bronze

She hides a history, a context, a song that dies before it is sung. 

Woman Figure   25.17.15 cm   painted terracotta

Woman Figure     15.35.17 cm    painted terracotta 

 Seven veil    15.35.17 cm    Bronze